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5 Must Do’s To Increase Dry Cleaning Machine Performance

5 Must Do’s To Increase Dry Cleaning Machine Performance

The most common question to ask (after somethings gone wrong with a Dry Cleaning Machine) “How best to keep our Dry Cleaning Perc equipment running at top efficiency?  Tough question… as each piece of equipment needs its own set of maintenance regime and this is further complicated by manufacturers which often conflict in their guidance on how best to carry out the maintenance.

Below we have listed some general guidance on how to go about keeping your Dry Cleaning Machine in the best shape.

Based on majority of our enquiries the following 5 tips will help you reduce the cost of running your dry-cleaning business.

  1. YEARLY SERVICE– one key procedure in which many dry cleaners neglect often is a consistent service, preferably once a year. This will prevent from overworking your machinery and causing long term issues that can be disruptive towards your business.

 With dry cleaning machines you have to treat them with care like your favourite car, I use a car as an example because for many it is a necessity to travel or work, just like a dry-cleaning machine is a necessity for your business to run, you have to maintain it to reap the benefits of your investment, you wouldn’t drive your vehicle without at least having it serviced every once in a while. The same applies to a dry-cleaning machine except there’s no indicator or engine management signs to inform you. So, I would advise to keep on top of your maintenance firstly.


At Allparts Dry-cleaning we specialize in providing and sourcing service kits for majority of mainstream dry-cleaning machines, for more information contact us.


  1. WATER SOFTENER FROM DIRECT LINE– in order to reduce wear and tear on your machinery it is highly recommended that you use the water softener from your direct source, to reduce the damage caused by scaling. If you don’t use a water softener you risk damaging your machine causing it to begin a string of problems in the future for your machine.


A water softener contains salt crystals which reduce any scaling which could cause damage to your machinery. To not have one will definitely create issues far quicker, its best to always have one.


We also stock water softeners at Allparts Dry Cleaning.


  1. BLOCKAGE/SEIZURE OF WATER PUMP– with all water pumps a lot of dry cleaner’s experience issues such as blockages or seizing of the pump, even when they are brand new, this is caused due to the fact that every pump goes through a pressure test with water, once they are manufactured, this causes a slight rusting where the impellor is causing it to seize or block (this generally occurs when it sits on a shelf for a while). When purchasing a new pump always try to clean the impellor and pump inside to prevent you calling out an engineer.


Another reason why majority of pumps fail is due to the application of the dry-cleaning shop. This means that your setup which includes distance, height, water type and power usage could also be the initial problem. When having machinery installed it is highly recommended that you get a professional engineer or installation company that will provide the most benefitting application for your store. Bearing in mind everyone has a different setup to others based on their utilities.


If ever needed we can recommend an engineer or installation company.


  1. MAIN BOILERS – it is highly recommended that when using your machinery that you use the main boiler as a source rather than the ones you may have attached to your machinery, also known as steam generators. If ever your main boiler is facing complications you can have the steam generators as a back-up source.


  1. FILTER FRAME – a lot of dry cleaners tend to try and replace parts rather than maintaining them, a prime example would be a filter frame on a dry-cleaning machine, some customers have enquired to replace the filter frame rather than just purchasing the mesh or foam, this is a common example to how many dry cleaners accumulate running costs which shouldn’t be so significant.


The only time the filter frame should be replaced is when the actual frame is damaged to a point that it cannot be in use or isn’t functioning correctly.


For example you wouldn’t replace your mobile phone if your screen was cracked, it would be too costly, therefore you either go to a 3rd party company or directly where u bought it from to replace the screen.


If you can apply this mentality towards most costs, you would most likely save a lot more in the long run.

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