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  • £54.15

    Sapo Igiensoft- 15KG

    Hygienic, hypoallergenic fabric softener 3 times concentrated. Formulated for garments in contact with sensitive skin and for treating children’s c...

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  • £49.99

    Sapo White - White & Light Colour Detergent

    3 times concentrated sanitizing liquid detergent for white or light coloured fabrics

  • £49.99

    Sapo Soft - Multi Purpose Softener

    3 times concentrated sanitizing multi-purpose softener. Stretches fibres, making them smoother to the touch and easier to iron

  • £52.92

    Mediterranean Green Softener

    Mediterranean Green Softener is the first highly concentrated professional softener with surfactants all derived from plants. Fabrics feel superlat...

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  • £54.91

    Mediterranean Blue Softener

    The first professional highly concentrated softener with hyaluronic acid, and all surfactants derived from plants. Fabrics feel superlatively soft...

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