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Wet Cleaning

  • £93.24

    Wet Wash Uni - 15KG

    WET WASH is a professional universal high quality detergent for use in all Wet Cleaning processes. Despite its powerful degreasing properties it ...

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  • £55.08

    Plume Soft - 15KG

    Plume soft is a plumping softener specially devised for duvets, quilts and padded garments. Contains a special substance that solves clumping pro...

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  • £66.00

    Plume Wash - 15KG

    Plume Wash is a concentrated professional detergent for washing down-filled and padded garments (down jackets, duvets, quilts).It contains a tech...

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  • £109.00

    Wet PLUS - 15KG

    WET PLUS is a powerful booster for use with WET WASH UNI. It helps remove all kinds of grease, tannin and protein stains. Its new formula contains ...

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  • £131.35

    Wet NO RAIN- 15KG

    Waterproofing additive for professional water washing. Restores waterproofing to garments without altering their original texture, even after numer...

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  • £105.37

    Wet REVIVE - 15KG

    WET REVIVE is an innovative professional finishing additive with softening and retexturing properties. This double action gives garments a textured...

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  • £146.12

    Wet Premover - 25KG

    Universal pre-spotter for Wet Cleaning WET PREMOVER  pre-spotter is most effective when sprayed. Apply to the dirtiest parts of the garments before...

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  • £84.99

    Wet Wash Delicate - 15KG

    WET WASH DELICATE has been specifically created for natural fibres such as wool and silk, and for underwear and coloured cotton. Already effective ...

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