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  • £1.75

    Mediterranean DEO Blue

    Leaves a long-lasting freshness and a delightful sensation of cleanness thanks to the natural extracts of myrtle from Pantelleria, Sicilian orange...

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  • £11.01

    Smacc-C 500 ML - Oil Stains E.G Lipstick

    For oily stains such as adhesives, wax, glue, oil paints, cosmetics, smut, chewing gum, grease, lacquers, lubricants, shoe polish, ballpoint pens, ...

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  • £4.25

    Amitex Professional Spray Starch Spray 600ML

    RAMPI AMITEX STARCH SPRAY   Special highly concentrated and delicately perfumed starch, produced specifically for professional ironing. Thanks...

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  • £8.99

    Deoigientex Spray

    Deodorizing and sanitizing protective spray formulated to give a fresh scent of cleanness to fabrics. Great classics line. 400 ML

  • £1.75

    Mediterranean Deogreen

    Thanks to its notes recalling the freshness of nature DEOGREEN, with green tea, citrus leaves and verbena, gives clothes and fabrics a captivating ...

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  • from

    Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Machine Solvent/Chemical

    PERC, also known as Perchloroethylene or Tetrachloroethylene, is a man-made chemical used mainly in dry cleaning, fabric spot removers, adhesives, ...

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  • £62.92

    Sapo Dark - Dark Colour Washing Detergent

    3 times concentrated detergent for washing black and dark fabrics. Prevents fabrics from greying by preserving their original colour

  • £93.24

    Wet Wash Uni - 15KG

    WET WASH is a professional universal high quality detergent for use in all Wet Cleaning processes. Despite its powerful degreasing properties it ...

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  • £11.93

    Spotting Bone Spatula

    Spotting Bone Spatula / Scraper Pointed (140mm) * Professional spotting bone with rounded edges to help remove stains stuck on clothes * Real bone ...

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  • £10.61

    Spotting Brush - Hard

    Multi Purpose SOFT Spotting Brush

  • £119.99

    Steam spotting gun

    Spotting gun with Steam only

  • £2.50

    Igien Dryer No Gas – For tumble dryers

    IGIEN DRYER is a professional fragrance and sanitizing intensifier for tumble dryers. Ensures a lasting but non-invasive fragrance How to use: Spra...

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  • £54.15

    Sapo Igiensoft- 15KG

    Hygienic, hypoallergenic fabric softener 3 times concentrated. Formulated for garments in contact with sensitive skin and for treating children’s c...

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  • £84.99

    Wet Wash Delicate - 15KG

    WET WASH DELICATE has been specifically created for natural fibres such as wool and silk, and for underwear and coloured cotton. Already effective ...

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  • £118.35

    Tergisek NP3 - 15 KG

    Triple action intensifier: detergent, fabric softener, disinfectant. 

  • £11.01

    Smacc-R 500ML - Rust Stains

    Specific stain remover for sweat and urine with deodorizing effect. 500 

  • £179.99

    Steam Air Spotting Gun

    Spotting gun with Steam and Air

  • £49.99

    Sapo White - White & Light Colour Detergent

    3 times concentrated sanitizing liquid detergent for white or light coloured fabrics

  • £55.20

    Sapo Laundry - All Purpose Laundry Detergent

    3 times concentrated liquid enzyme detergent for washing all kinds of fabrics.

  • £62.92

    Sapo Colour - Minimise Colour Loss Detergent

    3 times concentrated liquid detergent formulated to minimize colour transfer. Protects the original colour of the garments

  • £61.14

    Sapo Lana & Delicati -Delicate Garments Detergent

    SapoLANA&DELICATI is a professional detergent for all delicate garments in wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, underwear and coloured cottons, as wel...

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  • £49.99

    Sapo Soft - Multi Purpose Softener

    3 times concentrated sanitizing multi-purpose softener. Stretches fibres, making them smoother to the touch and easier to iron

  • £7.28

    Mediterranean Green Air

    Room diffuser with reed sticks. Delicately diffuses the fragrance of citrus leaves, verbena and green tea, creating a distinct sensation of Mediter...

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  • £8.43

    Mediterranean Green Intensity

    Green Intensity is a concentrated fragrance and hygiene booster that when added to the final rinse intensifies the natural scents of citrus leaves,...

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