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Italclean Premium Perc Dry Cleaning Machine 11-36 KG

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The PREMIUM series is the classical wide machine for customers who do not have space restrictions. A successful model for its versatility, it is available with various options: two or three tanks, one or two filters, double still, Tandem version, etc. It comes with the typical ITALCLEAN features such as quality, low consumptions and  friendliness of use and maintenance.

Our drycleaning machines are equipped with a few standard features:
-Electric or steam heating
-Closed circuit with Copeland Scroll refrigerator (the most silent and efficient in the Market) and heating pump
-1 or 2 self cleaning nylon discs filter
-Double air filter
-Automatic self cleaning tanks of high capacity
-Inverter (basket rotating speed tuner)
-Still, button trap, air channel, separator and filters housing in stainless steel
-Button trap automatic drying
-Thermal overload relays on all motors
-Still float switch level control
-3 Danfoss valves for saving water


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