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Tex ID Limited are ThermoTex Nagel GmbH’s official distribution partner for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.  We provide ThermoTex Products and associated services to resellers and commercial enterprises in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industries.

Our aim is to assist Dry Cleaners and Launderers in “digitising” work processes through the use of technology.  These include Barcoding, RFID, as well as software and hardware integrated solutions.

In addition we offer personalisation through an extensive emblem service as well as sundry items, such as trolleys, bags, etc. to complete processes from Client doorstep to return.

Our highly skilled team take great pride in providing you with a consistent high level of service from initial enquiry to the ongoing care of supplied machinery with consumables.  We are highly trained both on a Technical and Laundry Process management basis
Working closely with White Rose Laundries in West London along with a select group of field test sites, we thoroughly test new and innovative ways of improving processes prior to offering them.

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