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Barbanti is a family enterprise with over 40 years consolidated experience in the design and production of industrial finishing equipment.

The complete product line, ranging from steam generators to ironing tables, from trouser toppers to presses, from general to specific form finishers, is meant to satisfy any possible market requirement.


Production flexibility, development of new projects, research and application of new technical solutions and close cooperation with customers certainly represent the company key strength.


The constant research and technological innovation have resulted in the attainment of several national and international patents, allowing the company to claim a more and more relevant position in the market.


Barbanti have strengthened over the years the values upon which they have built their reputation, i.e. quality, reliability and technological innovation, thus widening their business area all over the world.


The company main purpose is to become a reliable partner for customers, offering them experience, high technology and high quality level, to provide a complete and customized service.


Barbanti is currently operating in an over 5,000 m² large building, equipped with a showroom where all the machines are available for customers’ tests, to allow them to choose the most suitable products for their needs.

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