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  • £49.99

    Sapo Laundry - All Purpose Laundry Detergent

    3 times concentrated liquid enzyme detergent for washing all kinds of fabrics.

  • £51.40

    Sapo Colour - Minimise Colour Loss Detergent

    3 times concentrated liquid detergent formulated to minimize colour transfer. Protects the original colour of the garments

  • £49.99

    Sapo Lana & Delicati -Delicate Garments Detergent

    SapoLANA&DELICATI is a professional detergent for all delicate garments in wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, underwear and coloured cottons, as wel...

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  • £51.40

    Sapo Dark - Dark Colour Washing Detergent

    3 times concentrated detergent for washing black and dark fabrics. Prevents fabrics from greying by preserving their original colour

  • £99.00

    Mediterranean Green Wash

    Mediterranean Green Wash is the first natural highly concentrated professional detergent with surfactants all derived from plants. It removes soil ...

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  • £61.44

    Mediterranean Blue Wash

    A professional highly concentrated natural detergent with all surfactants derived from plants. Active at low temperatures (25-30° C), it removes a...

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  • £5.99

    Care & Clean Lavatrice

    Sanitizing detergent for washing machine care and maintenance IGIEN CARE&CLEAN Washing machine is a highly effective detergent for cleaning and...

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  • £86.52

    Emulsitex - 15L

    Washing booster ideal for eliminating any kind of oily dirt from fabrics such as grease, skin grease, lubricating oil, sludge, etc..

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